Oconee Forever will host a free breakfast and discussion entitled "PRESERVING FAMILY LANDS" at 9am on February 10th, 2018 at Tokeena Angus Farms (320 Coyote Ln, Seneca, SC 29678).  This relaxed breakfast and discussion will present landowners with options allowing them to preserve their lands, including details regarding the practical aspects of conservation easements, relevant tax benefits and how such solutions prevent undesired future subdivision or development of such properties. Please email for more information or to RSVP for this event.

Who We Are

Guided by local citizens, Oconee Forever supports initiatives to conserve and enhance the quality of water and watersheds, forests, wildlife habitate, rural areas, working farms, scenic vistas, and historical sites in Oconee County, SC. All these elements contribute to our county's unique quality of life, treasured by its citizens and visitors alike.


Oconee Forever approaches sensible growth and conservation in three distinctive ways, all working together to ensure Oconee County remains one of the most special and scenic places in the Upstate.

                Inform: Oconee Forever strives to provide the most current and important information to local citizens regarding both land conservation and natural resource issues. By providing easily accessible and accurate information about Oconee County’s current environmental status, Oconee Forever not only empowers locals to become involved with current initiatives in Oconee County, but also enables them to take direct action to protect the land they love.

                ProtectOconee Forever takes active steps to protect land in Oconee County. Numerous properties have been protected through conservation agreements, a voluntary contract signed with Upstate Forever that determines how land can be used in the future. Conservation agreements give Oconee landowners the opportunity to ensure their land is preserved as it is today, forever. Landowners can restrict future industrial, commercial, and retail use, while maintaining rights to limited development, timber management, farming, fishing, and hunting. Public funding through the South Carolina Conservation Bank makes conservation agreements a viable means through which landowners in Oconee County can protect the land they love if they don't have enough funding on their own.

                Engage:  Oconee Forever is committed to engaging the Oconee community in events that promote sensible growth and conservation. Opportunities to get involved in community efforts to preserve and protect Oconee County are integral to increase awareness, generate funds, and increase membership of Oconee Forever. Bicycle rides, BBQ’s, Farm Tours and many other events are a large part of Oconee Forever’s effort to encourage both discussion and action within Oconee County and its residents.


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